How Do I create a Photo with Boofle?

To create a picture with Boofle, just tap the Photo Boof button. Then, move the iPhone to take the best photo with your camera. Remember you can move, zoom and rotate the Boofle to adapt it to your picture. Also, tapping on the Boofle button on the lower left corner lets you choose between more than 15 different Boofle poses. Then just take a photo with the Camera button. By now you are in the second screen, if you like the photo taken just click on Save. If you don't like it click on Back and repeat previous steps.

How Do I switch the camera?

Once you are in the Photo Boof, click on the right up button to switch from the rear camera to the front camera.

How Do I add photos from my iPhone?

Inside the Photo Boof options menu, click on the right down button. You will be able to pick the photo you want from your camera roll. Select it, then zoom and rotate to adapt to the frame. Remember, you can move, zoom and rotate Boofle to best adapt it to your selected photo.

How Do I add a caption?

Once you have already taken the photo you go into Edit Screen option. If you tap the down right button you will go into Add Caption menu. In this screen you can write the text you want and then change the color and the font. When it's finished, tap Done and this will get you back to the previous screen. Then, you can zoom and rotate the text to adapt it to your picture. If you want to edit the text again, just tap on the right down button again.

How Do I See the photos?

All photos you have saved will be stored in your Boofle Gallery. Tap on Gallery button in your main menu. Then you can either remove or share them.

How Do I Share it with my friends?

Once you tap the Save button you can share your Boofle photo in an email, on Facebook and on Twitter.

How Do I find a store to buy a Boofle?

Tap on the Store Locator button on the home page. You have 2 options. Either tap the Find Closest Stores button to find the closest stores that carry Boofle products. Or type in the zip code where you want to find the stores and click Go. In both cases you will see a list of stores. Tap in the one you prefer and you will see a map where the store is. If you tap on the Store's Pin, a new menu will pop up in order to show you how to get there by car, bike or walking.

How Do I keep updated about Boofle's news?

Just go to the Newsletter section and subscribe to our newsletter. Fill in your email and birthday and tap on Submit (reminder: you have to be 13 or older to subscribe to our newsletter). Don't forget to validate your email account. We will send you a confirmation email that you will have to read, and then you have to click on the Confirmation button.